What is Backflow?

What is Backflow?


Backflow is a plumbing term describing the unintended reversal of the normal direction of flow in a water supply system. There are two types of backflow – back siphonage and back pressure.

Back siphonage backflow can occur when the water delivery main is at a lower pressure than the internal plumbing system on a property. This can be caused by a burst or ruptured water main, or due to excessive demand during fire-fighting operations and other periods of high demand.

Back pressure backflow can occur if a water pump, such as a bore pump, is cross connected to the internal water plumbing system and is pumping bore water at a higher pressure than the water mains pressure, causing back pressure on the water main.

Why are Backflow Prevention Devices important?

Backflow devices provide a physical protection barrier between a property and the main water supply. Without them, a property’s drinking water supply could become contaminated by inadvertently connecting with a source of pollution, either through a cross connection or simply a hose submerged in a container of liquid. These pollutants could then enter the water supply when there is an overpressure on the private property side or a sudden drop in water mains pressure posing serious health risks.

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