Backflow Device FAQ

Backflow Device FAQ

Spades Plumbing are Water Corporation – Smart Tester certified and have more than 15 years of experience in all aspects of backflow prevention.

Our clients often have queries about backflow, here are the answers to their most frequently asked questions:

Will I need to be onsite for the Backflow Device testing?

If the device is accessible there is no need for you to be onsite.

Will my water be turned off?

Yes, your water will need to be turned off for a short period so we can test your device. We will book in a time that suits you best to minimise any inconvenience.

Can the Backflow testing or servicing be done after hours?

Yes, we can arrange to do the required works after hours to avoid interrupting your water supply during business hours.

What if my Backflow Device fails the annual testing requirements?

If this happens, the device will generally require a simple service to rectify the issue.

How will I remember when my Backflow testing is required next time?

We will notify you when your next backflow test is due to ensure your device remains compliant.

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If you have any questions about backflow devices and compliance please contact the backflow device specialists at Spades Plumbing & Gas.